So you want to become a pokemon master? Let's skip ahead...So, you won! Congratulations! You're the new Pokemon League Champion!

Now what? You've probably heard that dozens of times. You've probably pounded through the elite four so many times they might as well be tissue paper. The pokemon you loved so much are all at level 100 and there are no more challenges left in the game. You've seen it on every other game you've ever played. And now, here comes the reset button...

But wait! Spare the reset button! Spare your lovelies! There is still more to be done!

Now what awaits you is the world of Competitive Pokemon. That word is going to keep coming up; 'competitive'. The reason why it is called 'competitive' is because you play against real people. Some of them honest, others not so much. And there is a difference between playing the game, even playing your buddies, and playing competitively.

There are such things as tiers. So that mighty mewtwo you never leave home without might have to be replaced if you want to fight standard battles. The tiers go as such: Uber (banned), Overused (standard), Underused (weaker), and Neverused (ex.-Unown). Of course you can still use your sexy mewtwo....but only in uber battles.

No problem though right? You have your trusty Red Gyarados! He's in the right tier and he's been created using a Rom hack to make him nearly invincible! No good! Competitive pokemon's number one rule is that all pokemon, even Rom hacks, must adhere to the same principles as normal pokemon. All of their traits which matter in battle must be within the scope of what the honest breeder can produce. Basically that means this:

-Dynamic values are legitimate.

-Moves have to be obtainable.

-Ability must be obtainable and can't contradict the moves. That means if your pokemon can only learn a move in Generation 3 it can have it, but has to look like it has been traded up from Generation 3. Ex.: No Generation 5 abilities.

-Event pokemon must be replicated exactly. You can't just throw a Zap Cannon on a raiku without adding Rash nature.

So now you're a little lost. But it's okay. There are plenty of new friends to be made who will help you. And the other articles will help you understand the various aspects of the game.

Now you may need to build a team, but breeding and even hacking take time. We understand and that is why we have Battle Simulators.

You may be thinking what I was thining when I heard about that. "What do I need a battle simulator for?!" Actually they are very useful. They introduce you to other trainers and allow you to freely manipulate pokemon on your computer rather than taking the time and effort to make them over periods of time only for them to turn out good or bad. You can work with strategies and ideas without having to commit to them. Say you had an idea for an infernape. You can plug its information in and battle with it in a matter of minutes, and see if it works or not. If say, it needed only a slight tweek, such as nature, it would take you all the time you need to train a whole new infernape where as a battle sim allows you to change it with the click of a button.

By the way, almost all pokemon are level 100.

Now this can all feel really unnecesary. Afterall, you've defeated the best that the game had to offer right? Perhaps. But there is a difference between competitive gameplay and what we call in-game play.

>The opponents in-game do not have effort values and their individual values ae seldom max.

>The in-game trainers move baced on equations. Live people will be smarter and not make as many mistakes.

>This is the scary part: Everyone you face in competitive battling have gotten to where you have in the game: complete domination. So that one claim to fame you had has been thrown out.

>These people aren't limited by owning the games. They can mix generation details as much as they want without breaking the laws of physics.

>Little annoyances like weather and stat boosting have been researched and can be used in competitive gameplay to bring massive destruction to the unprepared.

>Certain pokemon you thought were amazingly strong have actually been rendered obsolete. Charizard is an amazing example.

Don't be frightened. Your very own pokemon legend is about to unfold! A world of dreams and adventures with pokemon awaits! Let's go!

  • all credit goes to EchoRomulus for this article.

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